International Committee of Pipe (smoker) Clubs / Comité Intern. des Pipe Clubs.

A warm welcome to you all, dear pipe smoker friends,

On behalf of the CIPC I want to welcome you to the World Cup 2022 in ISTANBUL. Since 1970, the CIPC brings the pipe smokers together and now we are back “on stage” after two years of Covid problems around the world.

Each year, there are over 200 participants, finding themselves in a friendly competition. Here, everybody can make new friends and talk to old friends. Exhibitions, showing the art work of pipe makers can also be admired. 

Pipe smokers, whether beginners or veterans, everybody is welcome to join the international pipe smokers community and share in our quest to do the job together with pipe makers, traders and tobacconists in order to reach our threefold aim:

  • To present pipe smoking as an expression of individual freedom;
  • To secure pipe smoking as an intangible cultural heritage and
  • To show that pipe smoking is a life style and stands for “good taste”.


During this event I hope you can feel the friendship and solidarity of the international pipe smokers community, coming together to enjoy our pipes.

On behalf of the CIPC Board members I wish you all wonderful days in ISTANBUL and lots of success! 

 Cornelius C.N. Crans MA. - President of the CIPC.


Dear friends,

After a long break I am very pleased to be back in touch again and I have exciting news.
As Istanbul Pipe Club we’re prepared fully to resume our activities in sharing our passion for pipe smoking and to rejuvenate our ties with all of our friends as we try desperately nowadays to go back to normal.

We've had a arduous struggle against Covid which cut many lives short and inflicted unprecedented hardship on all nations we are ready to pick up the pieces and carry on.
We believe, the human spirit is incredibly strong and resilient and will always triumph against all evil manmade or otherwise.
In that spirit, I would like to inform you that we are honored and ready to host The World Cup 2022 Pipe Smoking Event in Istanbul on October 9th 2022.

Everyone is cordially invited and welcome. So, come join us bring your best spirits bring your best pipes. Let us celebrate and share the smoke of the calumet of peace and brotherhood.

We’re hoping you could attend and looking forward to seeing you here for this special event.

Best regards

Turgay Ocak 
Istanbul Pipe Club, Pipe Clubs of Turkey President.